10 Tips for Presentations in English

The best ideas are wasted if they aren't communicated effectively and convincingly. Presentations are a key communication tool and are worth the extra preparation effort. Below are some items to keep in mind when putting together your next presentation. Please also check out our presentation trainings.

  1. Know your audience -- pitch you presentation accordingly, account for cultural differences.

  2. Be clear about your goal --  ask yourself  what tanglible results you want fom your presentation. This will guide you in the process of choosing which information to include.

  3. Stucture your presentation  for seamless flow--make it easy for your audience to follow; make sure critical information is presented clearly and is repeated often.

  4.  Plan and practice transitions-- find and rehearse phrases to segue smoothly from one topic to another.

  5. Rehearse--repeatedly, and if possible in fromt of a test audeience to work out informational and structural kinks.

  6. Keep slide contect uncluttered, minimal and readable--the critical information for each slide should "jump out".

  7. Grab attention at the start--the information is the star of the show, but delivery is a close second. Bring your audeince on board with you from the moment you begin speaking. Start with a dramatic or unexpected fact, story or question. Humor, used appropriately and sparingly, can also be effective.

  8. Make your audience participants--In a similar vain  as step 6, keep audience's attention sustained by  drawing them in actively. Ask questions,  use names at various points as you are presenting facts.

  9. Summarize--do not neglect to summarize all critical points from the presentation, culminating in a "what does this all mean". Audience should be clear about what the presentation accomplished and what the way forward is.

  10. Study the pros--watch actual presentations and speeches from top business leaders past and present from various cultures; the late Steve Jobs would be a good place to start. 

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